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install shot from Up Down Up Down thesis show at the Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

I am interested in an excavation of the tensions between aesthetic and political approaches to material forces in history. By studying the history of objects, one is able to uncover their awkward, unsuspecting, and provocative relations, their hold on our imaginations, their impact on our most intimate, as well as our most public interactions. Objects seem to be impervious to what humans think of them. We design them. We use them. But, how do they act upon us?
I wonder how military sound ranging devices merged with traditional fresco painting can serve as an archeology of the present moment. I am curious about how the carvings by a robotic mill into discarded foam insulation can echo with both whimsy and the grotesque. How do the presence and the performance of these objects resonate in tandem with our understanding of the past?