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Radio Constellations and Sculptures
    Never Surrender, 2009
Braddock Light Show
UnSmoke Systems
Braddock, PA

Notes about using radios....

The following is an edited excerpt from an email correspondence between myself and Emma Houlihan, the curator of the Galway show City of Ideas:

Radios are of interest to me for a few reasons.

First, if you have a radio, whatever that is being broadcasted is also totally accessible and free.

Second, provided you have a way of powering it, a radio can receive stations that can reflect the local, national, and international cultures that are thriving at that present moment. The frequencies are not necessarily owned by one entity between locations. Conceivably, I can listen to a classic rock radio station in San Francisco at FM 101.7 and then hop a plane to Galway and listen to a hip hop station on the same Frequency (of course, this is a assumption, i don' t know what's on 101.7 in galway). The appeal of commuting these radios is founded on this simple function


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Here and Forever, 2008
Gallery Diet
Miami, FL

    Out There , 2007
City of Ideas
Baron's Self Storage
Galway, Ireland
L.T.C. Cume, 2007
Plus One
San Francisco, CA