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Never Surrender, 2009
50 used radios, steel conduit, electrical tape, electrical chords, cardboard boxes, clear light-bulbs, wood, laundry pulley, oscillating fan, lamp sockets, clock motor, lazy susan bearing, electrical switch, electrical box, rubber band
96" x 84" x 30"

Never Surrender was installed in an empty classroom at UnSmoke in Braddock, PA for the Braddock Light Show. The mobile is the body of the sculpture, which is connected to the analog timing switch that i had patched to the room's light switch. This not only illuminates the bricolaged structure of the sculpture/installation, but allows for the viewer a quiet space to contemplate. The third component is the AM transmitter that is broadcasting a mix tape of slow dance music, thus lending back to the radio spectrum that it is reflected in cacophonous experience.